bong downstem

Downstems for Bongs

Downstems are the most common replacement you can buy for bongs. The downstem for bong can also come under other names, such as a downpipe or sometimes a 'slide'. The slide doesn't use a glass on glass joint, it is for the rubber washers. While the downpipe and downstem are the same thing and make use of the glass joints. Some smokers don't just buy a bong downstem as a replacement, it can also be a way of upgrading your water bong as some of these downpipes and downstems can include diffuser slits which allow the smoke to be separated before entering the bongs water chamber.

bong downstem

Glass Bong Downpipes

So as well as knowing the length required for your downpipe or downstem (normally displayed in millimeters), you will also need to know what joint size / diameter that your bong has. The standard sizes are 10, 14.5, 18.8 and 29.2 mm. These measurements are internal, not external, so if you do not know you can simply measure for yourself. There are plenty of size convertor adapters that can be bought for cheap online, try places such as online bong shop herbtools.

Diffuser Downstems

The diffuser downstems are very cheap and can be purchased from your favourite online bong shop, they make for the perfect bong modification for those wanting to maximize the smoothness of the smoke. Diffuser downstems are not the only special type of downpipe you can buy for your bong, you will also find some amazing designs such as downpipes that split from one pipe to four! Though normally only 18.8 joint downstems and above can include these designs.


The bongs downstem is always the dirtiest place on your bong, unless you make use of a bong precooler. it will not take long before the glass downstem has lots of tar stuck to it, which as you can imagine will make for a very unsightly appearance. In order to keep your glass downstem for bongs clean it is recommended to use bong cleaner before the build up starts, as once that brown stain starts to catch to the glass downstem you will find it very hard to remove. Blowing glass can be a really fun hobby, check out these courses.

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